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Dina Crosta, ERYT-500

Yoga began to weave its way into Dina’s life during her last year of college when a friend would tell her great stories about her experiences of practicing yoga. Dina was intrigued by the beauty and fluidity of yoga but was hesitant to bring it into her life. It wasn’t until she entered “the real world” and befriended a woman aptly named Hope that yoga began to dance into Dina’s life. Hope convinced her to attend a yoga class where she met Emily Dubin Huresky, her first Anusara teacher. As soon as she came into her first Down Dog and felt both the challenge and the freedom in it, she knew that this was something she wanted to experience again. Ten years later Dina has seen her life moved in so many ways by her connection to practicing yoga – the most profound being the ever-widening circle of friends, teachers and students and the ever-deepening connection to herself. She is forever grateful to all of her teachers both through yoga and throughout her life. Dina aspires to inspire in others all that yoga has graciously given to her.


Denise Tranchina, CYT-200, RN

Denise found yoga a dozen years ago and vowed she would never forget the day she first touched her toes! Certified and teaching for 8 years, she views the students as her gurus. Perhaps as an RN in a tough NYC hospital, perhaps through personal experience, she saw the effect time and circumstance have on the body and the spirit. With this thought in mind, Denise teaches strong prenatal classes, is certified in Radiant Child Yoga, instructs young adults at Brookdale College, including the men’s lacrosse team, and has a strong bond with students over the age of 40. Favoring a vigorous flow, her classes will challenge without frustration. Taking her yoga off her mat, Denise approaches her practice as she does her life, with strength, grace and a smile.

Carolyn Barry, RYT-500

Several years ago, as a way to decompress from her full time job, Carolyn Barry decided to take a yoga class at a local gym. Carolyn was so impacted by how she felt at that moment, she immediately committed to a regular practice. After a few years of an active and dedicated yoga practice, Carolyn realized how much stronger she became both physically and mentally. Wanting to take her practice to the next level and share yoga with others, Carolyn completed the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training program in March 2012 and the 500 hour teacher training program in August 2013. Through her classes, Carolyn creates a safe, fun, and non-intimidating environment, allowing every student to explore and appropriately challenge themselves based on their individual capabilities. She hopes to inspire others through her love for the practice.

Allison Sorokin, RYT-500

Yoga came into Allison’s life in 1998 when she attended a class at the gym. Her practice deepened through studying with Anusara teacher Chrissy Graham. She fell in love with the opening invocation, and the beautiful words of wisdom and alignment principles Chrissy would weave in and out of the practice. In 2009 a herniated disk left Allison unable to walk, after surgery she vowed to never take her body for granted again.   She decided sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day would no longer be her future.  After lots of soul searching she decided to follow her passions of working with animals and teaching yoga, and completed the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training program in March of 2012. On teaching, Allison believes that the idea behind a teacher/student relationship is that each avails one another the ability to awaken knowledge hidden within.  She believes that without out a student there is no teacher.  Her classes embody alignment and flow with compassion and grace.  She hopes to help others to see that change can happen in both body and mind one breath at a time.


Alicia Somma, RYT-500

Alicia Somma has been a member of the Elevate community for about 2 years now and is thrilled to be bringing such pertinent info to her fellow yogis. She received her 200 hour certification from YogaWorks here at Elevate and is continuing her training to be a total 500 hr certified instructor. Prior to becoming certified in yoga instruction, Alicia became certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Nutrition Coach. Alicia loves spreading the message of whole body wellness to as many people as possible and feels honored to be teaching here at Elevate. If you see her around, be sure and say hi! She loves to chat about good eats and yoga poses.

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Ellen Mosko, ERYT-500

Ellen’s teaching style is a mix of mindful alignment, fluid movement, and attention to breath. With an established understanding of anatomy, her classes focus on a specific area of the body encouraging the personal exploration of postures to create internal space. Ellen’s classes are designed to meet you where you are and bring you deeper into your practice.  Ellen is certified at the RYT-500 level through the Himalayan Institute and began teaching in 2003.  She has trained and taught in various methods including Sivananda, Himalayan and Anusara with a deep focus on alignment accruing over 1000 hours in the Anusara style of yoga.   Ellen has assisted her main teachers Todd Norian and Ann Greene at Kripalu and in their teacher-training program. She also specializes in restorative, yin, and therapeutic classes. In addition, Ellen is attuned to Reiki Levels 1 & 2, and Thai yoga Level 1.

Meredith Amato, RYT-500

Meredith Amato loves to move, particularly in ways that combine discipline with self-expression.  She immersed herself in ballet and other dance styles growing up which led to her performing as a dancer and musical theater actress.  She began teaching yoga in NYC and Brooklyn after her first training in ISHTA yoga in 2000; subsequent trainings included Anusara, Prenatal and Restorative. In 2005 she took her first Nia Technique class and knew then that the combination of Yoga and Nia, stillness and dance ignites the feeling of being at “home” in her body, mind, emotions and spirit.  From dancer to dog walker, from Yoga & Nia teacher to homeschooling mom, life teaches her that form, practiced consciously, can lead to ever-expanding freedom in the body, clarity of mind and health.  Her classes reflect her study of ISHTA and Anusara, her dance training, and her love of alignment and energy flow, delivered with a playful, relaxed attitude.  She is enthusiastic and welcoming to students of all levels and abilities.
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Ann Marie Lane, RYT-200

Ann Marie first started practicing yoga in 1998, when a friend took her to a power yoga class after work in Los Angeles. As a former synchronized swimmer, she was drawn in by the challenging physical workout combined with fluidity and grace. But she was amazed by the calming effect yoga had on her mind. Through various changes and challenges in her life, she kept coming back to yoga and realized it was much more than just exercise. Ann Marie first became certified to teach through YogaFit in 2010 and completed her 200 hour certification with YogaWorks at Elevate Yoga in April 2014. Ann Marie draws inspiration and has taken classes/workshops with various teachers including Bryan Kest, Matthew Sanford (Waking) and Marsha Wenig (YogaKids). A firm believer that we all need an antidote to stress in our lives, her classes focus on breath, alignment and the mind-body connection.


Mary Christensen, RYT-500

Mary began her yoga practice in 2007 after retiring from a 20 year career as a Buyer and Product Development Manager for several National Speciality Retail stores. She credits Yoga with helping her to transition gracefully into this next phase of her life. She completed YogaWorks Teacher Training in March of 2011, and has continued her education,  studying with Alan Finger and Jillian Pransky. It has truly been an amazing journey as she continues to learn more about herself everyday. Mary looks forward to the opportunity to share yoga, and finds the practice of restorative yoga of great interest. She finds there are endless benefits to restorative yoga, both mental and physical. Believing that it is important in our busy modern lives to slow down, she likes to teach classes dedicated to taking time to be present and breathe. She hopes that students will take the experience of her classes and carry it into their daily lives.


Liz Tyburczy, RYT-500

Liz has always been a physically active person; some would say a typical gym rat. When she began to have some lower back issues, she thought yoga could possibly help. Her yoga practice started 8 years ago, originally in pursuit of relief. One class let to another until she was hooked. Now Liz loves to practice and teach yoga. She is delighted that her practice has come full circle.  Her classes emphasize the importance of smooth, relaxed breathing and proper alignment. Through basic instruction and subtle insights tailored to each student, her teaching approach emphasizes yoga as an accessible and transformational journey. Her classes provide a safe and unique experience where students work at their own pace. In 2011, Liz completed her 200-hour YogaWorks teacher training. She completed a 100-hour Yin Training with Biff Mithoefer at the Omega Institute in October 2012 and a 300-hour YogaWorks Advanced Teacher Training in August 2013. She has accumulated over 50 hours in Restorative Therapeutic Training, Reiki level 1 Practitioner status, and a Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Practitioner Certificate in December 2013. Liz has trained with many senior teachers; her inspiration is drawn from  Bernie Clark ,Jason Crandell, Cathy Lilly and Jillian Pransky.  Liz invites everyone to begin their practice with an open mind, heart and a playful curiosity.



Lisa Cronin, RYT-200

Lisa began her yoga practice in 2000 after the birth of her first child.  She was drawn to yoga, looking for a way to balance being a mom and meeting her individual needs.  She fell in love with the breath, movement and strength that became available to her through her yoga practice.  Over the years she developed a strong practice and decided she wanted to learn as much as possible about yoga and share this knowledge with others.  She completed her 200 hour certification with YogaWorks at Elevate Yoga in April 2014.  She feels lucky to have the opportunity to work doing something she loves.  Lisa enjoys teaching students how to safely align, stabilize and elongate their bodies in their yoga practice.

Sherry Katz, RYT-200

In 2000, Sherry left an executive sales career to stay home with her young children and take over as primary caregiver for her grandparents. Her mom was later diagnosed with breast cancer and the caregiving role grew. Sherry found great comfort throughout the years of practicing yoga, and her yoga practice became more important than ever as she navigated the responsibilities of being a caregiver. Yoga allowed her access to her breath and inner peace in emotionally challenging times. In 2014, she decided to take the YogaWorks 200 hour certification to deepen her practice and share her knowledge through teaching. Sherry also holds a certification with Rewind Yoga for seniors 65 and older, as well as Jillian Pransky’s 100- Hour Yoga Therapy Certification and Yoga4Cancer Certification. Therapeutic yoga is a natural extension of her compassion to help others with healing and the aging process.  Sherry’s passion is to help students in caregiving roles to calm their minds, and to aid students in preventing or battling illness.