“In 2001 I was severely depressed over the collapse of my marriage. A wonderful friend invited me to a yoga class at the local dance studio. It turned out to be my savior. I became selfish for myself and made sure I was at class every week, then two times a week and finally I felt as if I needed to be at a yoga studio. I found a wonderful studio where I learned a lot, and advanced my practice more plus learned how to fine tune some of my poses. I also had a connection with this community and made a few friends. In late 2008 I changed jobs and was unable to practice due to medical issues. Then in May of 2010 I took my first class at Elevate Yoga. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated as family. It was as if they had known me for a long, long time. Today is no different and if I miss a class, I am guaranteed to hear, ‘Where have you been we missed you!’ from Jamie and staff. Who doesn’t love to me missed?”

– Anonymous

“My daughter and I attend Sunday morning class with Shannon. Elevate Yoga has been welcoming and enjoyable. We feel like our day and week start off on the right foot when we do yoga.”

– Anonymous

“When I joined Elevate, I was a ball of stress and nerves due to my job and fast paced life. By focusing on my practice and embracing the messages that each teacher and yogi had to offer, I have truly improved my outlook on life. I manage the everyday stress and chaos of life with grace and positivity. My body is healthier and happier because I now take the time to listen to it and take care of it. I was already a flexible and strong person when I first started, but now I feel that I’ve improved even more. Yoga has become and integral part of my life and i plan on continuing to practice for many years to come. Thank you Elevate Yoga!”

– Anonymous

“I have learned to appreciate myself and others and it has improved my quality of life.”

– Anonymous

“Jamie and her staff are great! It is a varied practice and yet very mentally and spiritually centering experience. Just when you think you’ve just had the best class ever, the next teacher surpasses it. Every time. Amazing.”

– CL

“Elevate Yoga is an oasis of restoration for people of all ages. Classes at Elevate both soothe and strengthen.”

– Mary M

“Elevate Yoga has given me the motivation and excitement to make yoga an important part of my life. Every time I leave one of my classes I feel refreshed and proud of myself for the accomplishments I have made. It is so clear to see how much the staff cares about what I do. They give me the motivation I need to be the best yogi I can be!!”

– Jeanne R

“I feel like a completely different person after the approximately 18 months I’ve been practicing at Elevate. My approach to life and myself is much more of acceptance of others and really, most importantly of myself and my quite human foibles. My intention at every class has been ‘ less stress and less weight, ‘ well, I’ve achieved both. The physical conditioning that began at Elevate has carried into other parts of my life, I run again and ride my exercise bike farther than I ever have done. My stress level is back to a normal level, and I’d say even less than normal. My life is enriched because of Elevate Yoga. It’s opened my life, mind and heart to other philosophies and has returned a level of spirtuality to me that I’m continuing to explore; one that makes more sense to me. That philosophy starts with Om Namah Shivaya Gurave…. ‘I bow to the goodness within myself, known as Lord Shiva, who is the true teacher.”

– Anonymous

“I came to Elevate Yoga after an extended illness, and was not in ‘optimum’ shape. I have practiced yoga over the years in many different settings, but this one ‘spoke’ to me and gave me an immediate sense of belonging. It was highly recommended by a friend, to whom I am quite grateful. All the good things she said about Elevate Yoga were true!”

– Anonymous

“Not only does it help my neck and back issues (herniated disks) it also helps with my stress. I have a tendency to be a very tense person and Yoga helps me release that tension making me a better person.”

– Anonymous

“I enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere, and the studio is also visually pleasing.”

– Lisa C

“Love Elevate Yoga! Thank you to Jamie and all of her instructors. I am new to Yoga, and wasn’t sure if it was for me. I can tell you it is! Every time I enter the studio I feel welcomed and at peace. They offer a variety of classes and different teachers; all of who are inspirational and helpful. I truly feel that the Yoga experience is not only helping my body but my mind as well. All my classmates have been kind and supportive and I feel empowered by their strength and skills as we all grow at our own pace. Thank you again for opening up my eyes, mind and heart to a beautiful and nurturing experience. I also love that there are charity events, special workshops and meditation classes available to all who want to broaden their horizons. Namaste.”

– Kim V.