“Don’t tell anyone I eat vegan food,” my husband made me swear last night as we enjoyed an amazing meal of Greek Quinoa Salad and homemade hummus. 

Last week, at the suggestion of one of my professors, Phil and I watched Forks Over Knives. It scared the hubby sufficiently into leaning towards a plant based diet. Nothing like scientists and research to back up what I’ve been nagging about for years.

The past three years have been a culinary adventure for us. We’ve tried all sorts of diets to figure out what would and wouldn’t aggravate Phil’s food allergies. We stopped eating dairy, which helped tremendously. I decided to be a vegetarian after one of Jen’s legendary Thanksgiving speeches, then pescatarian, then I gave up because it was too much of a pain to make two different dinners each night, or inconvenience my mother when she was cooking a family dinner.

Last year we started working with Lauren Forney of Center Your Health. Thanks to Lauren, Phil has tried lentils and tofu. Since last September, she’s been helping us learn to cook together and prepare quick, homemade meals that accommodate for all our dietary issues.

So now we’re trying to eat vegan as often as possible again, and treat ourselves when we’re out or with family. I can already tell it makes a difference in how I feel, even though it is a lot of work. It’s a daily experiment. But it’s a relief to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and that most of it is good stuff. As yogis, we know our lifestyle has a huge effect on how we feel, and diet is an integral part of that. Ahimsa might be non-harming towards others, but its up to us to make choices that are less harmful to ourselves.