200 Hour Teacher Training Faculty

Jamie Hanley

Yoga found Jamie in 2003, when her mom sent her a “Little Book of Yoga” in the mail while at college with a note that read something to the effect of, “you seem stressed, I hear this helps.” On the floor of her tiny college apartment to a handstand in her first “real” yoga class, it was love at first asana. Since then she has completed YogaWorks teacher training, as well as several trainings in restorative and therapeutic applications of yoga. In 2009 she opened Elevate Yoga, which hosted YogaWorks from 2011-2015. Jamie’s mindful classes are rooted in compassion and intention while focusing on groundedness, safety, and alignment. She finds inspiration in the teachings of Jillian Pransky, Seane Corn, and Bo Forbes, as well as studies in the field of psychological counseling. She has had the honor of assisting Jillian on several yoga retreats in the northeast, assisting Laurel in the 200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training, and leading practice teach and several workshops in the YogaWorks 500 Hour professional training.

Dina Crosta

Yoga began to weave its way into Dina’s life during her last year of college when a friend would tell her great stories about her experiences of practicing yoga. Dina was intrigued by the beauty and fluidity of yoga but was hesitant to bring it into her life. It wasn’t until she entered “the real world” and befriended a woman aptly named Hope that yoga began to dance into Dina’s life. Hope convinced her to attend a yoga class where she met Emily Dubin (now Huresky), her first Anusara teacher. As soon as she came into her first Down Dog and felt both the challenge and the freedom in it, she knew that this was something she wanted to experience again. Several years later Dina has seen her life moved in so many ways by her connection to practicing yoga – the most profound being the ever-widening circle of friends, teachers and students and the ever-deepening connection to herself. She is forever grateful to all of her teachers both through yoga and throughout her life. Dina aspires to inspire in others all that yoga has graciously given to her.

Ellen Mosko

Ellen is a 500-hr RYT and is in her 10th year as a yoga teacher.  Her studies include: Over 1000 hours in Anusara Yoga training achieving an Anusara-inspired certification; 500 hours at the Himalayan Institute, 200 hours at Freehold Yoga Center along with in depth trainings in Yin yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Restorative Yoga. She has assisted her main teachers Todd Norian and Ann Greene in various workshops at Kripalu, Anusara immersions and their 200-hr yoga teacher training program.