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Elevate Yoga & Wellness

Feel free to contact us with any questions! 

Phone: 732-688-2512  (call or text!)






About Us

Established in 2009.


Elevate Yoga was a beautiful part of the Hazlet commUNITY since 2009. Founded by mother-daughter team Jamie Hanley and Diana Segal, Elevate thrived as a safe space for people to come learn the basics and more advanced practices of yoga. 

Elevate has hosted teacher trainings, workshops with globally recognized teachers, soulful gatherings, fundraisers, many free classes, has attended commUNITY events, has taught yoga in schools, the list goes on. Being around for 11 years, we are proud of the work Elevate has done to offer yoga and wellness. 

Elevate recently took on new ownership in January 2020 when Jamie and Diana passed the torch to Alicia Somma-Hodgskin, who received training and found her voice as a teacher at Elevate. 

In March 2020, we began holding classes online via Zoom. Having the technology to continue on in the face of the pandemic was an incredible blessing! Originally, we looked forward to returning to our sweet and sacred space at 82 Bethany, but in September 2021 we announced that we would be remaining an online community for the foreseeable future. 

It's been truly incredible to see how strong our commUNITY is and how clearly our connection transcends the physical aspect of being together. Our students are so happy to be practicing from their homes with the convenience of class recordings and the surprising intimacy that Zoom classes bring. We are just as, or even more so, connected than ever and we invite you to experience our unique offerings in this new era of Elevate.


So, we are still very much here for you to practice.

Thank you so much for being here!!!! 


Meet the Caretaker of Elevate

Alicia Somma-Hodgskin


Hi, I’m Alicia :) 

Thank you so much for being here! I am so deeply grateful for the presence of each person who becomes even a small part of our commUNITY :) 

I first came to Elevate in 2011 as a Holistic Health Coach. Having been trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I asked the founder and owner of Elevate at the time if I could come to the studio and offer a free nutrition workshop. Jamie couldn’t have been a kinder or more welcOMing presence. She opened her doors and heart and helped me to deepen my practice and eventually become a yoga teacher! 

I had been meditating on my own since the year 2005 and had practiced yoga somewhat regularly since 2003. When I came to Elevate though, it all changed. Suddenly, I wasn’t sitting by myself practicing my meditation and I wasn’t learning from a screen; I was an active part of a commUNITY that gathered together with this beautiful communal intention. Practicing together as one and meeting other yogis was a revelation to me. It felt so good to get to know other humans who were coming to the mat to learn, just like I was.

I took my 500+ hours of teacher training in 2012 and 13 and after teaching at many studios in the area, began teaching full time at Elevate in 2014. Elevate had become my hOMe and I loved having a complete schedule with such special students who had a deep passion for learning more. I became voracious for yogic text, podcasts, films, classes, anything I could get my hands on to then give back to the students of Elevate. I began telling stories of my life, how I live my yoga, as I ventured through marriage and the birth of our daughter River Daisy. My connection with this commUNITY just kept deepening and unfolding into this beautiful and profound presence in my life. 

So, when Jamie made the decision to pass Elevate into my hands after loving it with her whole heart for 10 years, I knew this was an incredible gift I could never turn down. This role of taking care of Elevate has been in the making for me for a long time. This is certainly my dharma. Every single day I watch this part of my life grow and I become more grateful. 

Thank you all so very much for allowing me to live of service in this way. Louise Hay has a positive affirmation: “world peace begins with ME” and I truly believe it. We all must take our own actions and live in a way that we become the center point of a ripple of peace. I truly believe in the healing power of yoga and meditation and I am honored to do what we do here. My vow is to serve every beautifully unique heart and soul that comes into our sacred space. Thank you all so very much for being here. The light in me serves and honors the light in you. Namaste :) 

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