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Elevate Yoga & Wellness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Come With an Open Heart and Mind.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing that will allow for movement.


I’m not flexible, can I still do yoga?

Yes — yoga is for every body! Teachers will offer modifications and props for different levels of flexibility so that you can still get the full benefits of each pose. Please be sure the class you are attending is appropriate for your level of ability.


Can I eat before class?

It is recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Please allow 3 hours after a full meal, or one hour after a small snack.


Can I just show up for class or should I register online?

Most students who arrive 10–15 minutes prior to class time will secure a spot in class; however, you may want to preregister online for our busiest times.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring a mat, or rent one for $1. You are welcome to bring water if the container is closed. Also, please bring a towel if you tend to sweat.


Why do teachers offer hands-on adjustments?

Teachers offer hands on adjustments in order for students to more fully experience the posture. This is not to correct you, only to allow for further exploration of the practice.


Is yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion, but an ancient, sacred practice that weaves movement, breath, meditation, and philosophy. Elevate Yoga is committed to creating a non–dogmatic environment and believes yoga is a beautiful compliment to life.


Why do we chant OM at the beginning and end of class?

OM (AUM) is the universal vibration that is the creation of all things,
and a sacred mantra. The vibration is thought to be healing, and chanting OM allows us to send this healing energy out into the world.

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Elevate Yoga & Wellness


82 Bethany Road, Unit 5

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